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Faced with challenges in life that you are not sure how to deal with alone?   Have you experienced mood or
interpersonal problems for years? Finding your way can be difficult.  You may need a guide to make
significant change.  Let's work together to find your starting place.  We offer a safe and comfortable place
where you can discover more productive ways of thinking and approaching the world.

Learn how thinking affects feelings and behavior and work towards the creation of a new THINK-FEEL-DO

Our Sykesville\El
dersburg Maryland Counselors and our Frederick Maryland Counselors are available to
assist with the following needs:
The Counseling Renaissance also has DUI
and DWI Education classes for adults and
adolescents in a safe and non-judgmental

If you require these specialized services that
we offer, please see the DUI/DWI Education
page by clicking here for more information.  
As always you can
contact us directly with all
of your questions or to schedule and
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