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Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
 On the journey of life we are all faced with challenges, obstacles
and difficult times. What we need the most when we are struggling
with hurt, confusion, turmoil and doubt is someone to be our ally:
to listen and care unconditionally for us and to support us in
considering the risk of change. I am here to be your guide, your
coach, your supporter and advocate as you experiment with new
ways of viewing and coping with things. As you courageously open
yourself to  alternative ways of thinking about life problems and
solutions I will provide the safety net that  will allow you to
persevere in your quest.  On our joint travels you will experience a
renewed  sense of hope, peace and fulfillment while moving
towards self-actualization.  

Throughout my professional career I have always been actively
involved in helping people of all ages improve the quality of their
lives. I am an experienced, caring, compassionate therapist  who
has worked extensively with preteens, adolescents and adults
struggling with mental health difficulties, conflict, and
adjustment problems, including life transitions and grief/loss,
and  bereavement. I am well-versed in helping children and
adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and/or learning and
behavioral challenges develop the skills required to navigate their  
social environments at school and at home. Through the use of
social skills coaching students learn to understand feelings and
emotions, interpret social cues and build an arsenal of coping
skills to help them function confidently and successfully in all

I believe in a strengths-based approach in counseling clients of all
ages and, therefore, utilize Adlerian and Client-Centered
Therapeutic techniques such as encouragement, positive
reinforcement, and active/reflective listening to establish a
supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.  I feel privileged to meet
my clients wherever they are in the process of seeking support and
considering the possibility of change. In the treatment of
depression, anxiety, OCD, and other mental health concerns
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques allow me to
empower my clients to adjust their view of and outlook on
problems, challenges and life events. With individual s who are
experiencing ambivalence and doubt about the value of risking
and/or making changes in their lives I employ Motivational
Interviewing techniques to help them identify their actual wants
and needs.   

I have worked with children and adolescents in a non-public
special education setting, with at-risk youth in a group home
environment, and with adults and teens in an outpatient mental
health and addiction clinic.  My specialties include:
depression/anxiety, OCD, addiction/co-occurring disorders,
autism spectrum disorders, behavioral issues, grief/loss and
bereavement, and adjustment disorders, including difficult life
Helping you reach your new beginning
Dorothy Carpenter, MS, LCPC
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